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Our services


Our trailer telematics services used to be called Vwise; but has been rebranded in 2012 as Trailermatics: the total telematics solution for European road transport professionals. We offer a range of telematics services that enables you to track trailers using GPS and satellite terminals in real time anywhere in Europe. Simple geolocation or geopositioning is not enough for professional transport operators. Trailermatics offers extended services and functionalities to secure the cargo using various on-board sensors. There is permanent contact with the vehicle for improved day-to-day management and road safety.

Trailermatics by Novacom Europe offers a wide range of telematics applications:

  • Status of a trailer at all times: doors open or closed, trailer uncoupled or attached to the haulage unit
  • Fleet management and corporate data
  • Accurate cartographical display to the street (in real time, with detailed route)
  • Customised mapping with the option of creating zones (customer, storage zone, parking, etc.) and putting alarms in place (zone entry or exit, prolonged standstill)
  • Calculation of driving times/stops and distance covered
  • Monitoring of temperatures and alarms in real time
  • Printing of summary reports tracking the activity of your haulage units (Excel or PDF format)
  • Graphs and curves offering good traceability
  • Archiving and export to your in-house software


Your benefits

  • Improved rotation of transport resources
  • Enhanced security for your transport operations
  • Contact with the trailer always active: Check on goods in real time, even if the trailer is uncoupled (depending on the type of terminal)
  • Hour tally on the refrigeration unit
  • Better productivity and lower telecom costs
  • Easier equipment maintenance
  • Enhanced responsiveness of your customer service department
  • Access information from any on-line PC

Our assets

SERVICE: from controlled technologies

  • Continuity based on CLS (Argos) and TELESPAZIO
  • Customised solutions based on tried and tested technologies
  • Compatible with existing on-board equipment
  • Flexible and secure Internet access

OPERATIONS: your property under control

  • Continuity based on CLS (Argos) and TELESPAZIO
  • Customised solutions based on tried and tested technologies
  • Compatible with existing on-board equipment
  • Flexible and secure Internet access

BUDGET: moderate cost, profitable return

  • No office automation equipment or software to buy and maintain
  • Fixed pricing adapted accurately to your needs
  • Communications costs negotiated with the operators Pérennité issue de CLS (Argos) et du CNES

We have additional services to empower your business performance :

A customer support desk

Trailermatics has a specialised European customer support service and offers assistance in your language. For all trailer telematics services, our Novacom customer support desk is available weekdays from 08:00 to 17:30 CET.

They can be consulted about any topic and should either be able to answer themselves directly or find the answer within the Novacom organisation.

Flag Country name Phone number
Austria Austria +43 (0) 19281066
Belgium Belgium +32 (0) 24006984
Czech Republic Czech Republic +420 323602175
Denmark Denmark +45 80886260
Estonia Estonia +372 8000111007
Finland Finland +358 (0) 923142826
France France +33 (0) 176749170
Germany Germany +49 (0) 6922221679
Hungary Hungary +36 (06) 22503726
Ireland Ireland +353 (0) 12460077
Flag Country name Phone number
Italy Italy +39 0236049189
Latvia Latvia +371 67896024
Netherlands Netherlands +31 (0) 107147078
Norway Norway +47 81530360
Poland Poland +48 (0) 223310104
Romania Romania +40 (0) 215298999
Slovakia Slovakia +421 0800001303
Spain Spain +34 937768440
Sweden Sweden +46 (0) 850619651
United Kingdom United Kingdom +44 (0) 1616010398

Repair and maintenance support

We make sure that our Trailermatics solutions are easily installed (for trailers already off the production line) and properly maintained through our comprehensive European workshop network. These include access to TIP Trailer Services certified 200+ workshops in 15+ countries and 100+ roadside assistance mobile service vans.

Integration is possible with your existing Transport Management Software (TMS), so you only need one system for all of your telematics fleet management needs.

Brand new user interface with easy-to-use functions that translate detailed data into actionable information to enable better and faster decision-making and help manage the exceptions.

New reporting tools, complete with clear graphical representations, that measure individual asset or overall fleet performance, determine factors affecting performance and set target objectives for improvement – all available in one easy click.

Information can be delivered through our user interface &/or by server based data transfer.

Notification of serious events delivered through the user interface, via email or as an SMS text message.

Financing options

Novacom Europe delivers all hardware related to our solutions including modems, door locks, reinforced curtains, curtain seals etc. We then fit it to your trailer asset and charge for modems, sensors and cables only a single monthly service fee. This makes our solutions a cost-effective option with no large capital outlay required from your business.